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Your story is where the revolution begins
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Free Your Story:
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This is my heart on the page.
This is my bone truth.
This is the grit and grace and heat of me. This is the holy and the redemption.
These are the words.
This is my home.
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Hey you,
Yes. You.
Come closer. Unleash your voice. Unbind your wild. Rise up.
You with your salt water heart and your red wine teardrops.
Raise your arms and touch the sky. This is a glorious rebellion. A burn down revolution.
And we’ve been waiting for you.
The world needs the story only you can write.  It is time to begin. 

Are you still making excuses for not writing?
It’s time to change that.

10 days. 10 practices. My gift to you.
Yes! I’m ready to start writing.


Work with me
There will be laughter. Possibly whiskey. And more creation than you know what to do with. Promise.
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Remember. Your story is where the revolution begins.
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30 Questions To Bring You Closer To Your Wild Heart

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"This course broke my heart wide open in the best, wildest, most wonderful way! I'm so grateful to have had a safe space for my words to mingle together with other wild writers, helping me find my deepest truth"
~ Cheyenne