my muse

{my muse}

my muse
she is
and she is calling

in a seductress
voice dripping sweet
with honey
and sharp with desire
there is a


and my words
they have been gathering
in the dusky light
and they have been swirling
liquid whirlpools
forming and reforming
and coming part and undone

-so much of creation is coming

and I am coming undone

my muse
I come undone

and words are
tripping out of me
spilling out of me
pouring out of
like they have been too long on
too long rising behind a patched up seawall
of too much comfort
too much complacency
too much
not enough

And then
with a rough nudge
into more than
I burst forth
with the power of
too fast to be contained
too much passion
for control

But I will control
I will subdue
because when my muse
is awake
she bequeaths me that
sacred power
she requires that I hold
that power
she knows I have
that power

My muse she is impatient
she requires
a lusty dominatrix
with a dagger gaze
and requirements sharp
as nails

she has plans
for me
she whispers
I must comply
she directs
her bidding
is my purpose
her needs
my foundation
her satisfaction
my only pleasure

when my muse is
my energy builds
knows no
my mind is
cutting swaths
through thick undergrowth
clearing away the dead
the unnecessary
the unwanted
I am relentless in my
for the totality of experience
and vicious in my requirement
for all
or nothing

and I am free.
I claim freedom in the
of creation
the fierce
need to do her

and I will do her bidding

sleep is nothing
my body is nothing
my brain is nothing
I am nothing in the wake of this
consumed by this
phoenix fire
burning down

and I am born
under her spell
burning from inside out
and outside in
fanning flames to keep
this fire going

my fingers cannot move fast enough
my breath cannot come hard enough
my heart cannot pound hard enough
I cannot create fast enough to
appease her

and I must appease her
she is mistress
and captor
and she could go away
at any time
so I must woo her
and please her
and go down on my knees for her
because I need her

I need her

my muse is awake
and so I am a prophet
seeing truth
seeing life
down to the bones and ash
down to the death and destruction

if you are not ready to be seen
do not come to me now
because I will lay you bare
I will crack you open
I will slip inside your soul
and take what I need

I welcome
the violence of
this knowing
because my muse
is not turned on
by safety

she is hot for risk
and the place outside
of comfort zones
and the sliver
of space between
pleasure and pain

my muse,
she wants a fucking
of creation
she wants me to sweat
she makes her home there
stirs up unrest there
waits to grow there.
she hold me there
and holds me there
and holds me there

until she is done.

fuck comfort zones
my muse says

Do you want to be
or do you want to



Summer Session Begins July 5th


{twelve weeks to write yourself free}

Yes - I'm ready to write!
" In many ways I felt that all of the exercises were meditations, a way to get in touch with my inner self, to dig deep into my truth and to let it out. They were also calls to be bold, to break rules, to not care. The safety of the group, the love and caring we each gave and received, made this possible. I am so grateful to have been part of this experience and to share for a brief moment a little bit of my soul."
~ Monique