100 things I learned in 2011: Part Two

100 things I learned in 2011

26.  I mostly write to myself.
27.  If I sound particularly authoritative in a blog post it actually means I’m giving myself a stern talking to.
28.  Sometimes I actually listen.  Often I do not.**
29.  If you are going to spout off statements like “I’m not a jealous, insecure person” it’s a good idea to test yourself by putting yourself in a jealousy/insecurity-inducing situation first.  Just sayin’.
30.  Lip service is easy.  Living up to those words is hard.
31. Right/Wrong.  Black/White.  Expand/Contract.  Life is rarely that simple.
32.  But sometimes it actually is.
33. Yes.  This is confusing.  Life is often confusing.  Get used to it. **
34.  If someone says you’re too much for them they are likely not near enough for you.
35.  Mamalove is the stuff magic is made out of.
36.  Sex is natural. Sex is good.  Not everybody does it.  But everybody should.
37.  And also; You’ve gotta have faith, faith, faith-uh.
38.  Word to George Michael.
39.  One way or another, we all grow toward the light.
40.  No can be a profoundly powerful, sexy, badass word.
41.  People are not always what they say they are.  It will always  hurt when you discover what lies below the façade.
42.  This makes it tempting to write off humanity.  Don’t.  Pollyanna was onto something.
43.  Be your own guru, find your own mountaintop – but don’t forget your stilettos.
44. You can do that thing that scares you.  Even if you tremble.  Even if your voice shakes.  Do it anyway.
45.  Fear likes a good lap dance every now and then.
46.  Actually, to hell with that; sometimes fear needs to lap dance for YOU (stuff a few bills in her G-string, then sit back and enjoy one hell of a ride).  A mechanical bull might also be useful.
47.  Comfort zones and creativity do not go hand and hand and the muse is one hell of a dominatrix.
48.  This means that it’s possible that the crazier your life gets, the more brilliant you will become.
49.  This is not an excuse to embrace the crazy.   Just a reminder to make friends with the edge.
50.  Doodles are magic.  Or they can be, if you let them.

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**In certain instances further life learning will be necessary in 2012.