100 things I learned in 2011: Part Three

100 things I learned in 2011

51. Some things can only be worked out through poetry.
52. We’ve been fed truths about relationships that aren’t really truths. Myths about happily ever after that don’t really serve and lies about love being limited that hold us back.
53.. Don’t hold back.
54. It might hurt.  You might get cracked and broken.  Open up anyway.
55. I may have expressed an occasional definite preference for the fairer sex.  There are, however, a handful of men who still have the power to make me weak in the knees: Jude Law, Taye Diggs, Robert Downy Jr.  Also; see #1 – gender irrelevant.  {Addendum: Add  to this list Adam Levine – costing me gay points with each and every episode of The Voice}
56. I did not come out of the closet only to step into a box built by anybody else – no matter how many letters they try to stamp on the lid.
57. It took me a four years to figure this out.  Be patient, some lessons take time.
58.  If someone in your life wants to build you a box to fit yourself into, grab that wood and hammer and nails they’ve readied and build your self a badass stage.
59. Then find an amp and a microphone and step up there and  sing your fucking heart out.  It's always open mic night, baby – and you're the featured performer.
60. Your inside voice is lovely sweetie, but nobody will really hear you unless you raise it high.
61. Dark chocolate is a healing force like no other.
62. You really do just have to push the cock-sucking boulder up the mother-fucking hill.
63. I will NEVER stop internally apologizing to my mother every time I swear on the internets.
64. This year I had to apologize a LOT.
65. Unfortunately for my mama, I love all words. Especially the ‘bad’ ones.
65. If something feels true in your gut, for goodness sake, trust it.
66. Eventually you’ll learn that your gut was right all along, but why go through the pain of learning the hard way?
67. If you’re not yet convinced let me share that I might have just possibly learned something the hard way.  It sucks.  Trust your gut.
69. I think I'll let this number speak for itself.  Multiple times.  It's fun being 36.
70. Believe in your worth.  Insist on it.   Know it deep in your core.
71. If you don’t, sure as hell nobody else will, and really – All That You Have Is Your Soul.
72. Everyone should read Dear Sugar and Mark Morford.  Really.  I'm not kidding. Everyone.
73. Witches are a much-maligned group.  Embrace your spells and incantations, your bubbling cauldrons, your dances around campfires.  Claim your magic.
74. Patsy Cline?  Still good for a broken heart.
75. My ten year old can out-argue me on almost every issue.  It is exhausting.  I’m doomed.
76. Soohung {those who need to know what this means already know what this means}.

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