New Go Now and Live Products + Circle of Women Fine Art Print & Canvas + A Giveaway!

Whew.  It’s been a busy few weeks, chicklets. A rush of photo sessions (Arizonans trying to get their portrait sessions in before the 115 degree heat forces us inside for the summer), Long lost BFF’s in town.   A completely impromptu trip to NYC (three hours to pack, people! and only room for two pairs of shoes!) to snap some images for the kick off of my friend Maya Stein’s amazing Type Rider Journey (a vintage turquoise typewriter in Times Square at midnight – sometimes my life is so magical I really do have to pinch myself).  Go Now and Live by Jeanette LeBlanc

Somewhere in this crazy mix of events I updated the Go Now and Live Shop with some new products, but forgot to tell you all about it. In addition to the signed Fine Art Prints, we’ve added Canvas prints, Notecards (available individually and in sets of five) and t-shirts.  Check ’em out!

Circle of Women by Jeanette LeBlancAfter several requests I’ve also started selling a Fine Art Print and Canvas Print of the ‘Circle of Women’ quote.  Just as with the original Go Now and Live piece, I had no idea when I wrote these words (in my 100 things in 2011 series) that they would resonate so deeply, with so many.  When I posted it on facebook and twitter the sharing quickly began and the comments that followed made me once again humbled and grateful for this path.  I can’t quite explain how that feels, except to say that I know it means I’ve written the truth, connected with the root of something deeply felt or desired – and for that I can only feel grateful.

This year, my circle has been a source of profound transformation.  Truly, these words belong to the women who have walked with me, buoyed me up, encouraged my own reluctant tears and helped me tease away the layers that keep me from fully stepping into myself.   These witches and wild women, overflowing with creatrix power and goddess wisdom, have held and nurtured me through the worst, celebrated with me during the best, witnessed my path and been vulnerable enough to allow me to witness theirs.   They see me in a way I sometimes have trouble seeing myself.  They allow me the freedom and space to finally get naked, and when I did I felt nothing but love and acceptance (I may have heard a whistle or two, but I’m not telling).

This weekend several of my circle are gathering again in the desert.  As I circle with Jena, Mani, Georgia, Erin (I finally get to meet Erin and Claire!!!!! and also !!!), Leigh, Marybeth,  Jessamyn, Jenica and the others and luxuriate in the gifts of their light and love I want to do my first giveaway.

Write to me about your circle, the one you have or the one you deeply wish was yours.  Tell me what you have given and recieved, what it is that you need and cannot find.  Tell me how you’ve laughed and cried and gotten naked with your truth.  Write a poem about it.  Send a picture.  Lists are lovely.  However you do it, please just share with me your stories about the power of circling with women.   One participant -chosen randomly – will receive a signed copy of the Circle Of Women Fine Art Print.

You can write me personally at, leave a comment, share on facebook and tag the {} facebook page or give a twitter shout out with a link to the writing on your own site.   However you share, make sure I have your full name + email address to connect with you and let me know if you are open to me sharing your story here on {}.

Blessings, Jeanette

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  1. Ashley S~

    Oh how I wish I could hop a flight over there this weekend. My love to you beautiful, beautiful ladies. ox. A~

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