{peace.love.free} creatrix holiday gift guide

’tis the season {a creatrix holiday gift guide}

{peace.love.free} creatrix holiday gift guide

Tis the season, lovelies.  The gifty season.  And what could be better than wrapping up the handmade goodness of a brilliant creatrix, or a magical mama or an awe-inspiring artist.  Something made with hand and heart and soul.

Can’t you feel it?  Not a factory, no mass production.  No hard metal conveyor belt or soulless assembly line.  These were made at a kitchen table while sticky fingered littles play underfoot.  They were heart-crafted in a studio with streaming light and good music and the laughter of wild-women swirling through the air.   They’ve got spirit sewn right into the stitches.   These women see magic through the lens and paint heart directly onto canvas.

And in a few cases these magic makers have made their magic bigger than their kitchen table can hold.  But even so, their products retain the spirit and heart with which they began.  Small.  Real.  True.

It feels good to give.  Always.  But it feels especially good to give like this.


Desert Moon Herbal: Hand-crafted, organic herbal products for body + soul, from the bounty of the beautiful Sonoran desert.

My soul-sister Leigh has been blessing my family with her wonderful handmade herbal lusciousness for several years now.  Her creosote salve is legendary in my home.   Burns.  Cold Sores.  Eczema.  Chapped Lips.  Biopsy Scars.  There is seemingly nothing this magic potion won't cure.  (Bonus:  It smells like the absolute miracle of the desert after a rainstorm).  Her newly launched Etsy shop is filled to the brim with the love that makes Leigh herself legendary.  You know you want some.

On my wish list:  Anointing Fragrance Gift Set


Gypsy Wings: Handmade jewelry created with love, a good dose of moxie and some seriously powerful butterfly magic.

Once upon a time I opened my mail to find a surprise package.  In this box of loveliness was  a wee necklace made with a butterfly wing, and my love affair with Gypsy Wings {and it's incredibly fabulous owner} began.  Georgia handcrafts each piece with wings from butterfly farms, {collected only after the flutter-bys have reached their natural end}.   There is something magic about metamorphosis and re-creation in the process of becoming that is symbolized so deeply in this jewelry – a reminder of how many ways we can be reborn.

On My Wishlist: Love Deeply Necklace

Own The Edge by Marybeth Bonfiglio:  Thirty Days: Because the secret to writing is writing.

We all have stories to tell, even when we've never written a thing.  We're all afraid of the space right outside our comfort zone, even when we know that it's exactly where our magic lives.  Let Word Alchemist Marybeth Bonfiglio guide you on a thirty day journey to your own personal edge.  She'll push you deep into the wisdom and truth that comes from telling your own stories, in your own words, on your own terms.    I can't count the times Marybeth has ushered me out into my own edge, taking my words deeper, cutting through the bullshit and seducing my truth right into the light.  She's magic.  She's real.  Own The Edge has videos.  Ritual.  Rhythm.  Practice.  You.  All the pieces are here.

On My Wishlist: The Rite


Mighty Girl Art:  Wintery Workbook24 page pdf full of pure magic.

You know those people you meet who are so bursting with magic that they appear to be made out of fairy dust?  Those women who see everything through the veil of extraordinary?  Uh huh.   That's Wendy Cook and that is the heart of Mighty Girl Art.  Wendy takes all of that fairy dust and ordinary-extraordinary magic and puts her heart and soul into teaching young girls how to trust in the gift of their own inner artists.   For the first time, all the rest of us not lucky enough to be a part of one of her enchanted gatherings of art + spirit can follow along with her instructions to create a little Mighty Girl Magic of our own.  For girls young and young at heart, this PDF is packed with everything you need to sprinkle your own life with a little wintery fairy dust.

On My Wishlist: a gathering of mighty girls + Wendy herself to lead the way.


Erin Darcy Design: Original Watercolor Art

I thought Erin Darcy was old at first.  Like way older than me.  So wise.  So talented.  So brave.  Such a rare soul.    Look her in the eyes and you'll know you know you've been gifted by an uncommon kind of sight.  She paints like she’s been here for centuries.  This girl dances with the muse and with motherhood and with art in such a way to inspire me to my toes.  Her shop is full of whimsy and depth.  It's soft and gentle but wholly substantial.  It's heart and truth.   It's motherhood and childhood and artistry and womanly and playful and sensual and it makes me feel good – right to the depths.  Right now her brush strokes are on sale {+ get an additional 10% off with the code STARVINGARTIST}

On My Wishlist: Muse


The Wild Unknown: Mystical Tarot Deck

Artist Kim Krans and Johnny Ollsin make all kinds of magic at The Wild Unknown. Music.  Art.  Travel. Life.  You feel it from the first moment and then just want to stick around to soak it in.   But it's their incredible Tarot deck that has captured my eye and is the object of my desire.  I've been searching for a deck for quite some time but could never quite find one that felt like me.  Then one day last month two utterly magical beings mentioned The Wild Unknown Tarot within hours of one another.  I was immediately captivated and have been coveting the deck ever since.  Each of the 78 cards features the most magical and mystical imagery, drawn by Kim herself.  The shop also contains a guide, an incredible tarot poster and calendar.  Use code PEACELOVEFREE for 15% off until 12/14!

On My Wishlist: Tarot Trio Deal 



Gypsy Wraps: Stylish headwraps with love sewn in every seam.

Ever meet someone who feels exactly like an exhale feels after you've been holding your breath for far too long? That's Julie Bartel, maker of these amazing headwraps.  Being around here is some kind of heaven, and I figure thatgypsy wrap some of that blissful magic is infused in everything she touches.  She's got an eye for the most fabulous fabrics and puts her heart and soul into creating with an equal eye to love, design and quality.   I own approximately eight bizillion wraps (one to match every outfit, naturally. proof here).  Aside from the obvious fashion/color coordination possibilities – I can't believe I ever exercised without these.  Yoga.  Running.  The Mountain.  If I sweat while doing it, I'm probably wearing a Gypsy Wrap.  Especially if you are like me and have embraced bangs – a head wrap is a must.  Right now she has tons of wraps in her bargain bin AND is offering a 15% discount with the code WRAPUP.
On My Wishlist;  Black Paisley  & Central Park


Leather Girl Kelley: Reclaimed Leather Creations + Soulful Jewelry 

What do I even say about Kayrene and the utter perfection of her designs? The girl is tough and sassy and original and crafts some ridiculous amazingness.  When she first started her journey into leather work she was disturbed by the waste involved and made the decision to work with all recycled/reclaimed leather.   I was gifted my first Kayrene cuff years ago by the divine Miss Brooke and have since added several pieces to my collection.  She also created some out of this world pieces for my most favoritest photo shoot of all time.   You have not lived until you've seen the belts she created from old cowboy boots.  Blew. My. Mind.  And now Kayrene has taken the dive into jewelry making – creating custom stamped jewelry from old silverwear.  I recently fell head over heels for a  “Set Your Life On Fire” necklace when she posted it on facebook and ordered it within minutes because i knew it had to be mine.  And it was.  And I love it.

On My Wishlist: A Fancicuff in deep red AND a Smithy


Maya Stein: Ninja Poet, Writing Guide & All Around Badass. (I added that last bit)

I honestly feel a little emotional when I talk about Maya.  Her writing found me years ago, when I most needed it, and has stayed with me  since.   From the uncanny timing of her her 10-line Tuesdays,  to the intrepid adventurer spirit that leads her to  set off around the country by car or bike, to the grace with which she lives her life – she is an inspiration. This year I got to accompany Maya to New York and Milwaukee, chronicling the beginning and the end of her epic Type Rider Journey.  These trips were, quite simply, the stuff that straight up magic is made of.   If you have not discovered Maya's poetry – purchase a book and prepare to be undone.  If you want to learn the skills of feral writing, taught by the wild-one herself, check out her course descriptions or plan to attend a retreat.  If you want to give someone in your life the gift of words that will move and inspire and help them sort out the seemingly unsortable – send them to Maya.  I promise, you won't regret it.

On My Wishlist : Type Rider T-Shirt & How We Are Not Alone


Bellawish: Wear Your Mantra Close To Your Heart

When I think of Stacy De La Rosa I think of softness and light. From the airy images on her blog to the soulful words with which she brings her life to the world – it's all clear and true and full of heart.  The same can be said of her jewelry designs, which are as simple and honest and true as the woman who makes them.  Choosing a word of the year is such a powerful exercise – and what better way to bring the intention to your body than to create a custom necklace etched with your chosen word to wear close to your heart as you begin the journey through the upcoming year.  Her Equality necklace is especially meaningful to me – a visible reminder of a deeply held belief that love is love is love.    Use the coupon PEACELOVEFREE for 10% off anything in the shop!

On My Wishlist : Equality  & Om Shanti



**If you know of any divinely inspired creatrix types creating beauty and magic, or if you are one yourself, PLEASE share with everyone in the comments.  I would love to discover and support as many magical artisans as possible!**