Trust In The Wisdom Of Your Undecided Heart

Trust in your unknowing, love.  Have faith in the space of indecision.  There is wisdom here, just as there is when you are bold and steady and sure.  Take your time here.  Be gentle.  Coax out your truth, and be willing to wait for the answer to come.  It will.  It always does.  Until then, even the indecision has lessons to teach.  

Summer Session Begins July 5th


{twelve weeks to write yourself free}

Yes - I'm ready to write!
" In many ways I felt that all of the exercises were meditations, a way to get in touch with my inner self, to dig deep into my truth and to let it out. They were also calls to be bold, to break rules, to not care. The safety of the group, the love and caring we each gave and received, made this possible. I am so grateful to have been part of this experience and to share for a brief moment a little bit of my soul."
~ Monique