Marie Forleo’s B-School: Confessions of A Complete Half-Asser

If you spin in certain online circles right now, you’ve heard plenty about B-School.  If your particular orbit has not put you in the path of the bright star that is Marie Forleo, and her fantabulastic B-School program, hold tight for a minute. I’m gonna tell you all about it.

But first I must confess.  I am a particularly hard-core half asser.  I am notorious for not quite going the whole way.  It’s a personality quirk, a personal flaw, and a frustrating habit.  A lackadaisical attitude is great for keeping things relatively chill – not so for getting things done (ask the mountain of laundry that has been on my living room couch for a week.  I started folding it.  I swear).  It’s also not that helpful when you run your own business.

To those who know me it will come as no surprise that, although I signed up for B-School last year with a whole lot of enthusiasm and determination, in the end I half-assed it.   There are both good reasons and pathetic excuses, but I have to admit with complete honesty; I did not complete the program.

But I still believe in it.  And not just a half-assed belief either.  All the way. That’s right.  And yes, I’m going to tell you why.

Because the content is killer.

By the very first exercise in the very first module I could tell that this was no poorly conceived e-course (and I’ve taken some poorly conceived e-courses).   Marie Forleo is no half-asser.   When an exercise on finding your ideal client makes you cry in a coffee shop – you know you’re going deep and getting true with what you really want to create in the world.  It’s beautifully designed, well-delivered and created for maximum impact.  It’s not dusty textbooks and professors who learned business in another age  – this is the stuff you need to know to up-level your game in this world, right now.

Because once you’re in, you are in for life.

For a half-assed among us, this is brilliant.  It means that I can take B-school again.  Over and over, each and every year.  It means that when I decided to stop playing small and making excuses for myself, B-school was ready and waiting for me to dive in.   It means I can always take advantage of the new content and new resources.  It means I get the benefit of networking with a whole new class of enrollees every year.  It means I can up my game, over and over again.

Because the community is truly unparalleled.

Truth: I’d pay the entire enrollment fee again, just for the community.   I am not exaggerating.   So many B-school graduates come back every year.  Mega successful entrepreneurs with book deals  and speaking gigs and bazillions of hits per day.  Women who have gone through the program with spectacular results, and who come back for more, and to mentor those who are still working their way up the ladder.    In the B-School community there is not a question that does not have an answer – and the spirit of that energy and support is infectious.

Because I saw results

Even with my lackluster efforts.  Even though I barely dipped a toe in the resources and exercises and knowledge base available to me as a B-School enrollee.  Despite my lack of commitment and follow through.  I am still a very tiny molehill in the company of some very big mountains, this is true.   But because of the B-School lessons I did implement and the momentum I’ve gained through the content and the community, I actually began to see big changes around here.

Since June 2012 – when B-School began:

  1. My blog readership and facebook likes have climbed by 260%.
  2. My email list has grown by 682%.
  3. I have a regular column on the incredible Rebelle Society, where my second post alone has been shared over 5000 times and the average monthly unique views approaches 100,000.
  4. My work has been published in the August issue of Cosmo Magazine, the latest issue of Amulet and in the upcoming March issue of Emma Magazine. I have begun working with private writing clients helping them tell their stories and find their voice. I have an incredible project in production with the most amazing co-collaborator.  I am also in the initial phases of creating a course based on Go Now, And Live.  I am creating packages and planning a travel schedule that will take me around the US, and abroad helping women show their true faces and voices to the world.
  5. I’ve added new products and, just last week, a whole range of colors to my Go Now and Live Fine Art Prints.  The words are licensed in the UK for production by a graphic company. Sales from this site continue to build each and every month.
  6. The game has changed, entirely.

Because I believe in my art, in my creative purpose, in my words and in my images.

Because I know I am here to do this.  Because before B-school I was flailing and lost and confused.  Because now I not only know I CAN do this, I have the resources and tools to teach me HOW to do it, and do it well.  Because I used to shy away from the hustle, from the work required to make a living with art.  Because Marie, and the B-school community have shown me what beautiful thing that hustle can be when it’s embraced with soul and purpose and an open heart.  Because I don’t want to support my family by working in a cubical – and because I know I don’t have to.

I have never felt moved to become an affiliate for anything before.  Not a single product or course or promotion.  I have never believed in a program enough to attach my name and my own reputation to it.  I believe in B-school.  With all my heart, all my creative spirit and every last ounce of my inborn hustle (and 100% of my ass).

And so, my pretties, I have a bonus for you.  If you register for B-School through the {} link you will receive:

  • 3 hours of one-on-one mentorship or coaching.  Want to work on finding your voice?  Giving birth to the poet within?  Tightening up your writing style?  Bringing your truth into the world?  Starting your own blog? Improving your photography? Working with natural light?  Finally mastering Lightroom to streamline your photography editing?  Your call, your choice.  Just me and you, nothing held back.   I promise I’ll even fold my laundry ahead of time.  (Value: $150/hour = $450)
  • 12×12 Go Now and Live Fine Art Print + One Package of Notecards: Choose your favorite color, I’ll print it with love, sign the back and send it your way to grace your home with the wild, crazy and free spirit that lives at the heart of the print. (Value: $70)
  • A reserved spot in the upcoming ‘Go Now and Live’ Course (anticipated release date: June 2013).   A bold, colorful, dynamic dive deep into the heart of you, with weekly modules, a vibrant community and a creative spirit aimed and helping you find your voice and your inner badass and all that is beautifully and authentically you.  (Value: Priceless)

Note: You must not already be enrolled in B-School and you MUST click the button below to receive your enrollment gifts.

marie forleo's b-school

If you are still not sure, and have any questions feel free to contact me and I will be happy to provide you with any answers or information.  Not totally convinced – sign up for the free video series that Marie is offering until Monday.
Enrollment  for B-School 2013 ends this upcoming Monday, March 4th at 3pm Eastern.  Can't wait to see you there!