Do you crave a deeper and more consistent writing practice?

10 days of simple practices designed to get you writing – my gift to you.


Ready to set your story free?


You have a story. And you know you need to write it. But for some reason, you've got a million excuses for why you're not writing.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Are you kidding?  I don't have time for writing!
  • I have the worlds worst writers block – not a single word for miles and miles.
  • Quite frankly, I suck.
  • My mother/partner/kids/second grade teacher would never forgive me if I shared personal details.
  • My sister is the creative one, not me.
  • My life is boring, why would anyone care?
  • Nobody will ever read what I write, so why bother.
  • People will read, they won't like it and I'll want to go hide under a giant rock of shame.
At one time or another – I have said every one of those things. So has just about every other writer out there.

Are you still making excuses for not writing?
It's time to change that.

Yes! I'm ready to write!



I'm Jeanette LeBlanc. Writer. Muse. Producer.

And life-long master of creative resistance (if there is an excuse for not writing – trust me, I've used it).

I created this ten day free course as my gift to you – because i believe in the power of story – YOUR story . And because I know it to be the place where revolution begins.

I use each of the exercises in this course in my own writing practice, and in my work with private clients.

It is my hope that these ten simple practices will unlock the doors of your story, deepen your writing practice, and sow the seeds of revolutionary storytelling far and wide.