12 weeks to write yourself free

Release Your Voice. Seduce The Muse. Unbind Your Wild
Begins June 19th – 2017
You want to write, don't you?


But most of the time – maybe all of the time – you don't.
You don't because writing is scary.
You don't write because you tell yourself that writing is for other people – and those people are far more fascinating and have way more talent than you.
You don't write because you don't have enough time and nobody would really want to write anyway.
At least that is what you tell yourself.
I know the voices that keep you from telling your story – because for years they kept me from mine.

Unleashed is a dynamic 12-week writing workshop.
A safe space of ultimate permission.
Where the community is as important as the words, and the spirit is way more important than technique.
A place where your story – as raw and real and beautiful as you – is finally set free. 
Yes. I am ready to unleash!
All those excuses you have for not writing – it's time to put them to rest. Now.
You are here because you feel a story swirling in the center of your gut and chasing you in your dreams.
You are here because you have a voice that yearns for release.
You are here because you've got a stack of journals dating back to grade school, but have rarely dared share your soul-spillings with a single soul.
You are here because words move you, transport you, carry you away. And because somewhere deep down inside you know that you have that magic living in you.
You are here because you have been hiding too long, and it is time to step into the light. YOUR time to be seen and heard.
You are here because it is time to drop the excuses, to release the justifications, to refuse to play small.
You are here because it is time to write.

Hello, lovely.

I'm Jeanette – and I believe deeply in the transformative and revolutionary power of YOUR story. I believe that a writer isn't made by publication or fancy degrees or accolades or legions of fans (though those are lovely) but by the simple act of writing their lives through the burning stories that live within.

And I believe that YOU are a writer. If you weren't – you wouldn't be here. And because you are here – because you were called to this page by some mystery or serendipity or intention – I also believe that you are ready. Ready to unleash. Ready to unbind. Ready to release the chains that have been holding you down and to leave behind the stories that keep you small.

It is time. You are ready. Write yourself free.



It is time to unleash YOUR voice.

Is Unleashed right for you? 

  • Are you intimidated by writing and think it's something other, more talented people do?
  • Do you ever feel like your life is too boring and mundane to give you enough zing to create anything truly memorable?
  • Are you scared you’ll pour your heart and soul into your blog and nobody will read?
  • Do you need  to tap into a well of authentic content for your business.
  • Do you crave the ability to write words that are filled with your spirit and different from the rest, but have absolutely no idea where to begin? 
  • Are you seeking a community of fellow wild-hearted writers?
  • Do you want to be a part of something bigger – a creative movement of kindred spirits joining together to blast through barriers and put their words out into the world?

Are you ready to UNLEASH your writing?

  • Connector.

    Are you ready to go deep?

  • Connector.

    Do you have a burning story inside you - one that won't let you go?

  • Connector.

    Do you often say things like 'But I'm not a writer

  • Connector.

    Are you finally ready to answer the call of your muse?

  • Connector.

    Are you ready to commit to the practice of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and giving yourself over to the call of your story?

  • Connector.

    Are you longing for a community of wild hearted souls, all traveling a path toward truth and a place without boundaries?

  • Connector.

    Are you ready for your writing to have new focus, new direction and your authentic voice to sing loud and clear through your written words in a way you never really thought possible?

  • Connector.

    Do you need a safe and sacred space to set your story free?

Yes. I am ready to unleash!
But you say you're not a writer?

Nonsense. Being a writer has nothing to do with publishing books or fame and fortune – and everything to do with a relentless pull toward the story of things.

You, my dear, are most definitely a writer. If you were not, you wouldn't be here.


Unleashed includes:

Your words. Unleashed.

  • 01 A pathway into your revolutionary story.

    Your words, unleashed. Flying high. Up and out into the world and soaring high, the way they were always meant to be.

  • 02
    No rules.

    No required timeline. No way to do this wrong. Think of these twelve weeks as a container of ultimate permission. For your words. For your revolutionary story. For you.

Community + Connection.

  • 01
    A community like no other.

    In a Wild Heart Writers Workshop, the community is at the forefront of the experience. You will connect with kindred souls, and create bonds with others on the same journey into their own stories. This community will embolden, lift, encourage and inspire – long after the twelve weeks are over.

  • 02
    A safe space to unfurl.

    The private Facebook Group will become your home away from home. Circle with us daily to share your writings, your questions, the bits and pieces of your story that come pouring out.

  • 03
    Weekly Office Hours

    Weekly office hours (with yours truly) where we dive deep into your writing, answer your questions and share our celebrity crushes (naturally). Also – whiskey. We should probably have whiskey.

  • 04
    Live calls

    Each week join us for live interviews and Q & A calls with authors, bloggers, speakers and poets. We'll talk creative process, dive into that week's theme and you'll have a chance to ask your burning questions.

Course Content

  • 01
    Right to your inbox

    Each week you’ll receive an email containing that week's chapter, occasional audio and video prompts and information on community events.

  • 02
    Printable Workshop Book

    Beautifully designed workbook chapters featuring essays and exercises related to the week's theme – designed to guide and unleash your voice, along with plenty of blank space to write your truth.

Become A Wild Heart Writer

  • 01
    Wild Heart Writers Community

    Become a part of the exclusive Wild Heart Writers Community. The Community is a place to celebrate, promote and expand the work and reach of current and past participants.

  • 02
    Social Media Platforms

    As a Wild Heart Writer, we are dedicated to using our social platforms to showcase YOUR words, including quotes, graphics and memes.

  • 03
    The Wild Heart Website

    Submit your writing to be published on our Wild Heart Writer's website – where our team is devoted to sharing your essays, stories, and activism.

  • 04
    Writer's Spotlights

    Each month our team will highlight one of our community members in a Writer's Spotlight – including an interview and an opportunity to highlight your current writings or projects.

So,what are we going to do?
We are going to dive deep into the fierce journey of unearthing your voice. We’re going to coax and seduce and cajole your inner Hemingway (or Bukowski, or Woolf, or Cheryl Strayed or whoever the hell makes your pulse sing that song of recognition) into glorious reality.
These ten weeks will be an exercise of trust and passion with a serious side of moxie.
It’s gonna be real.
Because here’s the thing:
I KNOW that you have words in you. I believe that you have a story to tell, and that nobody else can tell it but you.
Unleashed is about making a commitment to that story.
It is about you stepping up and owning the voice that lives inside of you – giving it space to breathe and live and grow.
This is about ditching your inside voice and getting loud.
The world needs to hear what you have to say – and together we are going to help you say it.

Week One: Writing Is Attention

Bring your attention to the ordinary-extraordinary and watch how rich your writing becomes.

Week Two: Writing Is Unknowing

Forget all you think you know about writing. Erase the rules and begin again.

Week Three: Writing Is Remembrance

Honor your memories, the stories of the past that will not let you go.

Week Four: Writing Is Facing Fear

There is no true storytelling without facing fear. Yes, we're going to go where you fear to tread.

Week Five: Completion Week: A week of space to dig deeper into the exercises that are demanding more of your attention.

Week Six: Writing Is Vulnerability

Truly brave writing demands vulnerability – explore the tender spaces and learn to fly.

Week Seven; Writing Is Coming Clean

It is time to come clean, to speak truth, to shed shame. To write into the wild spaces. Together.

Week Eight: Writing Is Becoming Your Own Guru

You are the only expert. You are the divine truth teller. The only real guru is you.

Week Ten; Writing Is Unapologetic

No more apologies. No more half-truths in the name of their comfort. What do you need to write?

Week Ten: Completion Week: A week of space to dig deeper into the exercises that are demanding more of your attention.

Week Eleven: Writing Is Embodied

The body calls us to story. Our story speaks the truth of our bones. Together, everything is possible.


Week Twelve Writing Is Universal

My story. Your story. So very different – and yet, joined by slivers of universal truth. Dive into these.

What Unleashed IS

  • 12 weeks of deep community, wild-hearted writing prompts, soul baring exercises
  • A space to up-level your prose
  • A fiercely guided writing adventure
  • A safe space to dive deep into the practice and process of writing
  • A collective of writers, just like you, who will cheer you on, push you deeper and gently kick your ass if necessary

What Unleashed IS NOT

  • Your typical writing class. We don't have rules, we ignore limits. We write wild
  • A place where you'll be chastised for creative use of profanity (in fact, extra points will likely be given)
  • A technical class. There will be no in-depth explanations of the Oxford comma (I never can figure that thing out, really) or the proper positioning of semi-colons
  • No red pens. I threw them all away years ago

Full 12 week workshop = $397.

Pay in 4 easy installments of $110.25 – Click below for details.



Live Weekly Video Calls

Each week we'll host a live call with a talented guest from the world of writing to dive deeply into that week's theme and to talk inspiration, process and the courage to unleash. The guests for this run include Brian Andreas and Marybeth Bonfiglio, with more to be announced.

Past Unleashed guests have included:

Brian Andreas

Brian Andreas


Writer, painter, publisher and speaker, Brian is beloved worldwide for his simple and poetic Storypeople sketches and writings.


Andrea Gibson


Andrea is a world renowned performer – known for groundbreaking spoken word performances.



Sarah Durham Wilson

Do It Girl

Modern priestess, writer, & women's leader who works with women to awaken the healer within.


Marybeth Bonfiglio


MaryBeth is a writer, mother, artist, activist and midwife. Her work is doing what women have always done and to create the space and dialogue so all women can continue to do it.



Candace Walsh

Writer + Editor

Award winning author, editor and teacher of writing, Candace's 2012 memoir, Licking The Spoon won a New Mexico-Arizona Book Award.



Tanya Lee Markul

Writer + Editor

Creator of The Urban Howl and ThugUnicorn.com, co-founder of Rebelle Society, Tanya is a yogi, mother and magic maker. 


Isabel Abbott


Isabel is a writer and corporeal artist, an activist and speaker. She also works as a birth and death doula, a sex educator and a creation workshop facilitator.


Rachael Maddox

Author + Trauma Specialist

Rachel is a gifted trauma specialist and expert on writing through hard subjects. She is also the author of Secret Bad Girl.

To Be Announced.

Maya Stein + Amy Tingle

Life + Art

Maya and Amy  co-own and operate The Creativity Caravan, a mobile small mobile business whose mission is to deliver unique creative experiences and inspire communities everywhere.

How it’s going to go down:

After your purchase you’ll join the others in our private Facebook group.  Here, the focus is on safety and connection. This space is private and inclusive. We go deep and open wide and together our stories come to life in a way they could not otherwise.

The group will also be your home for the twelve weeks – for writing prompts, inspiration and encouragement. Included in the 12 week course are two weeks devoted just to catch up and completion – so we can dive deeper into the exercises that call our attention and move closer to the work that is pulling us forward into deeper creation.

For the 12 weeks of the course you’ll receive weekly emails that will contain downloadable chapters of the Unleashed book – packed full of inspirational quotes, popular essays from {peace.love.free} and unconventional writing exercises and prompts that will push you out of your comfort zone, past the excuses and into the space where words flow wild and free.

Once a week we’re going to throw a little soiree. It’s BYOB (you are, however, welcome to send me wine or whiskey – anytime) and come as you are. You will have access to a live Q&A call with some of my favorite writerly friends and gurus. We’ll riff about words and prose and how we seduce the damn muse. We’ll chat on the sometimes-difficult reality of melding writing and life and answer your burning questions. You definitely won’t want to miss the party.

At the end of our adventure, when we’re all a little more gritty and windblown and high on words, you’ll get to download the complete book and workbook along with additional bonus exercises to keep the words flowing long into the future.

And remember – once a Wild Heart Writer, ALWAYS a Wild Heart Writer. When Unleashed is over you'll be welcomed into The Wild Heart Writers Collective and continue as a part of our family of writers.